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10 questions to ask a ex-boyfriend

Parting is often a performance with tears and tantrums. Be that as it may, people have long been a whole and must be able to forgive and let go. Professional psychologists recommend that former lovers sit at the same table, talk calmly and dot all the way . To do this, it is recommended to ask only 10 questions to the former, which will help build a new future without “pitfalls”.

If you want to “get to the bottom” of the truth why you broke up, then take note of these primitive questions:

  1. Why the former guy agreed to break up?

In a fit of anger, one of the partners can say stupid things and bring a relationship to the “finish” – parting. If the girl was the initiator of the breakup, then, of course, the question just begs: “ Why did the guy let go of his beloved? “. Maybe the former didn’t want the love story to end, and now both of you are sorry. Or, nevertheless, he purposefully pushed you to such a decision.

  1. Were your feelings mutual?

The modern world is cruel: people use the feelings of others and throw out and x, as an unnecessary thing. It is very important to understand if your partner loved you. Even if the answer is no, you can draw conclusions for yourself how a person behaves without an idea of ​​love. In the future, this will help avoid repeating such a situation. The lesson is not pleasant, but useful.

  1. What does the former young person think of you?

Of course, all the girls are pleased when the guys think about them and no matter what status they are in now. If a guy thinks about you after breaking up, this suggests that you are a good person and he is just pleased to recall some positive moments spent nearby. The answer may not be entirely pleasant – do not be upset. Just draw conclusions and in a future relationship you will succeed.

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