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10 things in the house that cause depression

3. Fresh flowers.

They are always associated with life. But, if they wilted, or are much worse dead, then you should immediately get rid of them. They not only worsen the energy of the apartment, but also badly affect the mood of the hostess.

4. Clutter on shelves and cabinets.

He is always associated with a mess in life. Opening the closet, you see scattered things. They are depressing and, subconsciously, it seems that the same thing is happening in your head, in life. Therefore, take the time and put things in order, turn on your favorite music, wipe the dust on the shelves, put things in order by season, and then you will see how your mood improves.

5. Great furniture.

In a huge mansion, large furniture will look harmonious and proportionate. But in a small apartment, interior items that are not equal in size to the room will morally pressurize, create a feeling of discomfort and just strain. Therefore, make your apartment spacious, lively. And then the feeling of depression will never appear in you.

6. Dear holiday services.

Many probably have them. But why no one uses them? Wasn’t there a festive occasion? Or they simply do not please you and there is no desire to drink tea from them. If your answer is no, then give it to a true connoisseur of the classics, or take out your service and drink coffee / tea from it. Thus, creating a holiday daily.

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