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7 best masks for active hair growth

Our hair needs constant care at any time of the year. To add splendor and strengthen them, it is not necessary to have huge financial opportunities. Since ancient times, our great-grandmothers used simple and easily accessible to all folk methods. Masks at home will also give odds to salon analogues. Their big plus are natural products that do not harm our health. You can not say about all kinds of injections and widely advertised drugs.

We offer 7 of the best masks for active hair growth.

Mask for fast hair growth with cinnamon.

For such a mask, you can use not only cinnamon powder, but also essential oils. Most importantly, keep your proportions clear . This spice causes burning and blood flow. A mask with cinnamon and clay is very popular:

4 tbsp dilute clay (blue or green) with water according to the instructions. Add 1 teaspoon (or 2 teaspoons, if there is no burning) of cinnamon powder to the finished product. To enhance the effect some fashionistas also add red pepper – on the tip of the knife, quite a bit. Miracle must be left on the hair for 15-30 minutes. Time depends on the sensitivity of the scalp. If burning starts, wash off the mask with shampoo. To achieve the desired result , repeat the process every 8-10 days. The course of such therapy for hair is 8 masks.

Archery mask.

An onion mask is considered equally popular. The product has stimulating and irritating functions, which has a good effect on hair growth .

1 chopped (grated until gruel) onion is mixed with honey in a ratio of 3: 1. Put gruel on the hair roots, wrap a towel around your head and hold the mask for no more than 45-50 minutes. Then rinse with shampoo, then rinse your hair with cool water and lemon.

The only negative of this recipe is the smell. But if you want to have fluffy hair , you’ll have to put up with such a flaw.

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