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7 reasons to do a permutation at least once a year

Probably many of us noticed that as soon as we rearrange the furniture, our mood improves and we feel as well. Therefore, many recommend a rearrangement at least once a year. After all, this will help not only to make you feel better, but also get rid of failures and illnesses .

Our hearts require changes from time to time, especially during the off-season period. In a slurred gray time, it’s like the soul is tired of looking around, I want something new, somehow invigorate the environment . To make repairs is of course very large-scale, but to swap furniture is quite real.

Pros of Change:

  • First of all, it will help you make a psychological reboot. Thorough cleaning of the territory will not only help to remove all trash from the apartment, throw out all unnecessary things, but also make the room much cleaner, fresher. Visually, it will seem to you, as if more and easier. Throwing away all the unnecessary assortment from the apartment, you yourself without realizing it, clear your thoughts, your desires . Perhaps, after the work you have done, you will receive a solution to some problem that has settled in your head for a long time and you could not solve it at all. A feeling of satisfaction will overtake you after that.
  • According to feng shui, proper furniture arrangement will help get rid of loneliness. The bed should not stand with your feet to the door or along the wall. The room must have paired objects, whether it be vases, flowers that are suitable for the interior. This will certainly attract a soul mate to a single person.

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