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7 Reasons Why Couples Break Up After Having a Baby

Parents try to grapple with their own feelings while they make practical and very important decisions that will affect the whole family. Splitting up may mean the end of a special relationship between two adults, but not the end of a relationship between a child and a parent. Children need the ongoing love and support of both parents. The best outcome for a child is usually reached when both parents share the responsibility and all the decisions that affect their child. This means making a shift from being partners to parenting partners.

1. Lack of quality time

When you’re childless, it’s easy to plan spontaneous getaways, romantic dinners, and exciting adventures. When you have a child or children, it sometimes takes longer to plan a date night than it takes to go on the actual date. Before the baby arrives, spending time together was most likely your highest priority. But, with the addition of a child that devours your time, there’s usually not much left to go around. However, as the foundation of your family, your relationship with your spouse has to continually be strengthened with time and attention, apart from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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