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8 main antitrends in the interior of 2020

The fashion for the interior is quite variable. Every year new parts come, some old ones go down in history. This year, some features of decoration and furniture, and even whole styles, will lose their relevance. But everything is important if you chase after fashion. And if not, then the old comfortable furniture may also be nothing.

2020 Antitrends.

This year will bring several changes to the interior. They, according to designers, will revitalize housing, and make it more fashionable and stylish. What do they advise to completely abandon, considering this a relic of the past? So, a list of antitrends of the year.

1. Fashionable white gloss.

Light gloss has long been widely used in the design of kitchens and living rooms. And finally, a miracle happened – he was tired of designers. They increasingly began to turn to the dull surfaces of furniture facades and the moderate use of mirrors.

Light color, of course, could increase the space, but this effect can be achieved by the competent use of patterns and contrasting colors in the interior.

ou can also use the furniture, which is correctly matched to the size of the room.

2. Furniture sets

Cabinets, walls, cabinets and other furniture sets, of course, are very practical, you can put a lot of things in them, but this is a relic of the past. Still fashionable eclecticism allows you to mix in one interior features of different styles and objects from different collections. And so that the interior of the room is not very boring, this should be used. Thus, the furniture can be given uniqueness, as well as display your own taste.

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