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8 notorious houses that no one wants to buy

It is very difficult to believe that such luxurious mansions, with an excellent layout, expensive furniture are empty and do not let new owners in. Although there are very few who wish to buy them . The list of the most famous of them is further.

1. Home in Avon, Connecticut United States.

The price is about 300 thousand dollars. This house would be perfect for filming movie horror stories. And all because the walls create an atmosphere close to horror. And so in every room. It is simply impossible to be there, let alone live. The situation resembles the spirit of the gloomy Middle Ages.

Therefore, the house has long been put up for sale, but it just does not sell .

2. Richmond Mansion, USA, Texas.

The price is $ 2 million. This mansion has a large number of rooms that are equipped with everything, but not in order. The rooms are stuffed with different things that immediately seem unnecessary.

In one of the rooms a child on a tricycle is looking at a visitor. It is also a mannequin, but made so believable that it is even terrifying. The author of this phantasmagoria is the owner of the mansion, which has never appeared before the eyes of local residents.

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