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8 ways to spend less but live luxuriously

Sometimes there comes a moment when you have to calculate your finances, and this can not but upset. But what is the right way to spend less , but continue to live luxuriously? Read on!

  1. The first step is to calculate and recognize how much money you actually have. It is very easy to do. Take your salary, calculate all the monthly costs (utilities, mobile communications, Internet, travel expenses, meals). You will have some amount left (if you save, the amount will be even less) then divide it by 30 days. Thus, you will be guided how much you can spend every day. If you spent more on one day, then on the next – should save .

Thus, you will really evaluate your financial situation. This will help to properly manage finances and even save.

  1. You can get a cashback card . This will help to return part of the money for purchases. Of course, this will not be a significant amount, but still it will be. Banks offer different cashback conditions. On average, you can return from 1-10% of the purchase amount.

  1. Subscribing to your favorite stores can also save up to 10%. A number of branded stores give such a discount if you simply subscribe to them in online stores.

In addition to all kinds of advertising, you will also receive notifications of price reductions for a new collection of clothes, which, you see, is very nice. After all, no one will refuse a new coat with a 30-40% discount. Also, before buying a thing, divide its cost by the estimated number of exits in it. It’s so convenient to calculate which thing is in front of you: universal or not.

  1. Manicure masters can also be found without intermediaries . In beauty salons, prices are usually overpriced. Therefore, it is better to do manicure / pedicure at home. How to do this?

As an option, go to the salon several times, have a trusting relationship with the master, and then ask during the conversation whether she works at home? As a rule, every master practices this. The price should be an order of magnitude lower. And this will help you save some amount of money.

Or, as an option, advertise on the Internet and put your price. Masters will also be found. Thus, you will not only be beautiful, but also with money in your pocket.

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