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Acne after 40: why do rashes appear on the face

If you think that rashes are just a teenage problem, you are mistaken. Millions of women aged 30, 40 years and older deal with acne. But why do they arise at that age? In this article, we will consider the causes of this problem and how to cure it after 40.

Causes of acne after 40.

The problem with hormones.
Acne, especially hormonal acne, is not just a teenage problem during puberty. As a rule, with age, estrogen in our body decreases, and progesterone increases. This causes rashes all over the face, especially in the cheeks and chin. Oral medications are usually needed to balance these hormones. Reducing soy and dairy products in the diet will also help.

Improper care and poor makeup.

No matter how old you are, the products you apply to your skin can greatly affect your skin condition. If the care is not selected correctly, in the near future you will notice acne on your face. Such rashes differ from hormonal, they are different in type. They are easily distinguished by a dermatologist or cosmetologist. It is very important to pay attention to the change in your skin when you are testing a new skin care product. Some low-quality products can clog pores, thereby causing inflammation on the skin.

The same rules from cosmetics. If you choose the wrong foundation, foundation for makeup or powder, you can also forget about clean skin. Do not buy cosmetics with silicones, oils that clog pores (oils – wheat germ, cocoa, coconut, linseed).

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