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Acne after 40: why do rashes appear on the face

Vitamin deficiency.

Very often, the cause of acne is a deficiency of vitamin D and iron. When the body lacks these vitamins, it affects the immune system, including how the skin regenerates and fights bacteria. It also suppresses the activity of the sebaceous glands, the skin becomes oily and subsequently inflammation appears. If a lack of vitamins is your main problem of rashes, consult a doctor, he will prescribe medications, dietary supplements and tell you what foods you need to enter into your diet.


In some people, stress can make the skin worse. Problems at work, in the family, lack of vitamins can affect the appearance of stress. Elevated levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, increase blood sugar, inflammation, and blood pressure. It also affects bowel health, digestion and absorption of nutrients. Stress can also increase skin cell wear and affect its recovery. It is very important to be able to manage stress, because it affects not only the skin, but also the entire body. Do your favorite thing, move more, do sports, yoga and stress will no longer torment you and your skin.

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