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Automatic transmission. Pros and cons?

Advantages of an automatic transmission.

Easy to use.

In fact, there is nothing complicated in shifting gears and in clutch operation, but it still takes a little practice before most drivers can conveniently learn how to drive a vehicle with a manual gearbox. For comparison, the machine is much simpler and takes drivers much less time to learn.

There are no strict restrictions.

One of the rules of drivers is that keeping both hands on the steering wheel helps with driving confidence and safety. This is possible when driving a car with an automatic transmission. No need to once again look at the gearbox, unlike the mechanical version as, for inexperienced drivers, this will interfere with concentrating on the road.

Better for troubled roads.

If you are not a very experienced driver, you will notice that navigation on steep slopes on the mechanical version is quite problematic, especially if you want to do it from a dead point. An automatic gearbox solves this problem by letting your car run efficiently, no matter how steep the hill can be.

Easier to use in heavy traffic.

In general, more work is being done on starting, accelerating, slowing down and stopping mechanical transmissions. Usually, this is not a problem, but in conditions of heavy traffic, when the car cannot gain speed, drivers may notice that constantly starting and stopping becomes difficult work. The machine allows the driver to move in conditions of heavy traffic, doing nothing but pressing one pedal.

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