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Bananas for beauty

The harm of bananas: who should not eat them?

Bananas, unfortunately, are not among the fruits that are completely devoid of contraindications . The potential harm of banana abuse includes:

  • banana removes fluid from the body, promotes blood clotting ;
  • an increase in blood viscosity, followed by a decrease in blood flow to individual organs or parts of the body;
  • the above fact is unfavorable for both individuals with varicose veins and men with erection problems;
  • for similar reasons it is undesirable to eat bananas for patients with thrombophlebitis, coronary heart disease ;
  • bananas are not recommended for people with overweight , because they are high-calorie ; this fruit should not be excluded from the diet so much as consumed at a minimum or in accordance with a diet developed by a physician;
  • artificial ripening of bananas helps to ensure that a certain portion of complex carbohydrates (starch and fiber) are converted to carbohydrates with a high glycemic index , which means that such a banana is useful for diabetics turns into harmful.

Bananas grown in artificial industrial conditions may contain carcinogens thiabendazole and chloramisole. These are pesticides used to control pests.

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