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Can plants actually be kept in the bedroom?

Lovers of indoor plants prefer to put them in every corner of the apartment. After all, plants are a symbol of life . They fit perfectly into any interior of the room, delight the eye with their flowering, help calm down after a hard day at work.

Indoor plants can be arranged everywhere, but here some experts believe that there is no place for plants in the bedroom. They say that they harm the health of the owners. Is it really?

Most likely not! The main reason why indoor plants can harm a person is the carbon dioxide emission . But if you think carefully: the amount of floral carbon dioxide can hardly harm a sleeping person. After all, a very small amount is allocated. A lot of research has been done on this subject, in which even NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) has taken part.

And they all came to the conclusion that houseplants have a very beneficial effect on the environment. They purify the air from pollution from the street, from the remnants of detergents.

Among the substances that are internal pollutants and are most harmful to health are benzene, formaldehyde and ammonia. And identified a number of plants that can destroy this type of pollution. Thus, making the house more healthy, clean and, of course, comfortable. These are primarily plants such as ivy, fern, aloe and orchid . Orchid, by the way, is a real force in the absorption of potentially toxic formaldehydes.

She perfectly copes with her function not only to please the owner’s eye, but also to clean the room from all bad toxins.

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