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Can’t decide on a smartphone?

Have you seen at least one person without a phone? Now they can’t imagine their life without this gadget at all. At work, at home, at a holiday – I need a phone everywhere . Their pricing policy is simply surprising, some can be bought for a penny, while others cost a fortune. Can’t decide on a smartphone? You may find the following information useful.

When choosing a smartphone, you need to pay attention to the following points .

1. Price.

Everyone knows the catch phrase: “Price does not always determine quality.” This also applies to the phone. In the store, the seller will “play” the most expensive options for you, because he receives percent from sales . Naturally, the more expensive the phone, the more money it will receive.

Before going to the store, monitor online stores and review pricing. To know how much the phone that you have outlined can cost.

2. Phone Case.

Plastic – good to hold in your hand, if it is still covered with a rubber-like composition. Another plus is that when dropped, the phone remains intact. Here plastic plays the role of “elastic trampoline” .

As for the glass, which is often decorated with the case of devices, then everything is clear. The material wears out quickly, and scratches and cracks appear over time. In addition to everything, fingerprints remain on the case.

The metal case is also not an option , it slides in the hand. The only plus of such a coating is that it removes heat better. This is good for gaming smartphones that quickly overheat.

3. Battery.

Smartphones run out very quickly. If you are often on the road and want to listen to music for a long time, then buy a smartphone with a 4000 mAh and higher battery . You can additionally buy an external battery. It will be even better.

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