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Causes of a nervous breakdown and how to deal with it?

A nervous breakdown is a consequence of a complex of several factors, such as chronic stress, lack of sleep, and everyday problems. For the body, the consequences of a breakdown are quite significant and negatively affect the state of health. What is a nervous breakdown and how to deal with it, read on.

Causes of the condition.

Of course, a breakdown does not arise for no reason. The first group of reasons is a strong psychoemotional stress, usually associated with serious life problems : divorce, death of loved ones, loss of work, disability, or getting into extreme situations.

Oddly enough, the leading positions among the causes of a nervous breakdown are not at all disasters, wars and violence, but personal and domestic troubles : for example, a break with your spouse, relocations – up to a quarter of all cases, difficulties at work – a little less than 20%, more than 10% – financial problems . All this provokes a quick, very large surge of emotions, leaving a person devastated.

Second group – periods that exhaust the nervous system gradually. Most often, this is overwork at work, chronic lack of sleep , prolonged depression and everyday stress . In addition, nervous exhaustion can be triggered by thyroid pathologies , when symptoms occur due to impaired hormone production. Also, an increased risk of a nervous breakdown is observed with mental illness, alcoholism, drug addiction, the presence of a genetic predisposition .

The entire developmental process of nervous exhaustion can take several weeks or months . However, its consequences make themselves felt much longer – complete rehabilitation sometimes stretches for years.

People who have experienced at least one nervous breakdown are more likely to suffer from panic attacks , phobias, obsessive thoughts. The physical condition also suffers: hypertension, persistent headaches , chronic insomnia, heart rhythm and metabolism disorders develop.

Nervous breakdown is a severe test not only for the one he fell upon, but also for his loved ones. In a state of disruption, people often commit rash and unreasonable acts. A nervous breakdown has destroyed many careers and families, it can scare friends and buddies away – after all, loved ones don’t always understand why a calm and friendly person suddenly became aggressive, picky and indifferent to everything, they tend to take it personally.

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