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Choosing the right shampoo: tips and tricks

Hair Type

Can’t determine what type of hair you have? Then let’s do it together.

Normal hair type: the hair becomes oily near the roots, two to three days after washing, the ends of the hair are dry and slightly split, in winter the hair is electrified. When buying drugs and shampoos for this type of hair, keep in mind that the Ph level should not go beyond 7. They cleanse the scalp and soften the hair well.

Fatty type: you have to wash your hair every day, there is absolutely no volume, practically do not split at the tips, a constant greasy shine near the roots, styling on such hair does not last long. Buy products that contain herbs, clay, vitamins A and C. With their help, you can normalize the level of pigment secreted from the scalp.

Dry type: you can wash your hair once a week, your hair is constantly electrified and split, cannot be styled, the shine disappears immediately after washing your hair. Here you just can not do without a remedy based on avocado and almond oils. On top of that, you must use masks and conditioners. It is strictly forbidden to use hair dryers and irons; hair is already dry.

Mixed type: On the fourth day, you just need to wash your hair, shine on clean hair lasts only a few hours, the ends are very split, styling is well kept near the roots, which can not be said about the tips. Take gentle shampoos that cleanse hair well, while they have non-aggressive components in the composition. Masks and balms should be applied only to the tips.

How to choose the right shampoo for problematic scalp?

Everyone has experienced problematic scalp when dandruff spills like snow. How to get rid of it and how to wash your hair? You can buy shampoos with bioadditives – organic oils (burdock, jojoba, avocado). The skin is well hydrated and the structure of the bulb is also strengthened. Basically, all of these additives are found in professional hygiene products.

If you want to have beautiful hair , without oily shine and dry tips, always consider such tips and tricks. There is little information on the packaging, so this article will help you with information.

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