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Chronic intoxication. How to cope?

First signs.

The appearance of intoxication is indicated by the appearance of lethargy and weakness , which does not go away. Even after a long and full rest, relief does not come.

Night sleep is getting worse , and in the morning a person feels overwhelmed. Under any loads associated with mental or physical activity, overwork quickly occurs, memory worsens and distraction occurs. brain activity is noticeably reduced, which leads to difficulties in perceiving information. A person has difficulty if it is necessary to concentrate, and all attempts result in the appearance of a dull headache.

In some cases, increased sweating and decreased sexual function are observed. As a rule, appetite deterioration occurs, dizziness occurs, and nervousness increases markedly.

It should be understood that these symptoms, indicating chronic intoxication, do not appear at the same time, and gradually increase over a fairly long time. It is in this nature of the process that danger lies, since a person practically does not feel discomfort and for a long time does not pay attention that negative changes are taking place in the body. Over time, he gets used to their presence and ignores them.

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