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Chronic intoxication. How to cope?

How to handle?

The only way to get rid of harmful substances in the body is to take sorbents . These are substances that absorb and remove from the body harmful substances: poisons, metabolic products of drugs, allergens, waste products of harmful microorganisms and parasites.

When choosing a sorbent, expect that you will have to take it for two weeks. Therefore, avoid those sorbents that can cause constipation, intestinal irritation or have an unpleasant taste.

Please note that the effect obtained even with the most effective sorbent will be short-term if you do not change your lifestyle and attitude to your health. It is very important to minimize the intake of harmful substances in the body – stop eating unhealthy foods, get rid of bad habits, observe a drinking regimen, stimulate the body’s metabolic processes by an active lifestyle. Each time the body undergoes an increased attack (after a course of drugs, illness, being in an area of ​​increased industrial pollution, alcohol abuse or harmful heavy food), it is necessary to arrange for it a small detoxification session , using effective and safe sorbents.


To prevent the development of a severe form of toxic syndrome, the patient will need to provide timely medication. In addition, it is recommended to lead a healthy lifestyle increase resistance of the body, consume high-quality food and try to give up bad habits.

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