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Common mistakes in personal care

Taking care of yourself is a good habit that allows you to maintain youth. What mistakes in personal care are the most common, read on.

Well-groomed or natural?

In the fashion naturalness : the lack of complex nail art on the nails, extreme stains or catchy makeup. But this is not a reason to abandon cosmetic procedures at all, believing in the common myths about leaving.

Foundation must not be used continuously. In fact, professional cosmetics, like a dense barrier, protects the skin from dust and dirt, and in the presence of SPF filters, also from the negative effects of sunlight. The main thing is not to forget to cleanse your face before going to bed.

Specialty Tools narrow your pores. Harmful and dangerous misconception , because the effect of the application is only visual due to the fact that the dense components clog pores. In the near future, you will have to pay for smooth skin with rashes and oily sheen .

No tonic you can do. This is one of the most important tools for daily care . Otherwise, the acid balance will be upset – saving on the purchase of tonic, as a result, you will have to spend much more.

The main mistakes in skin care are the use of low-quality cosmetics and improper selection of funds. The bulk of the mass market is “empty”, and sometimes even harmful compounds. Do not experiment with yourself, it’s better to buy 2-3 creams, but they will be really effective and safe .

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