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Crisis periods in a relationship. Save the family

Crisis periods in a relationship can occur even in a family where there was complete harmony and crazy love yesterday. Some couples can quickly deal with this problem and solve it peacefully. To avoid disagreements and divorce , we save our family today, without waiting for the onset of this “Armageddon”. Psychologists distinguish several crisis stages.

1. The crisis of the first year of family life.

You spent time together for a long time, walking and enjoying each other. This stage is completed, now the wedding and life under one roof. At first everything goes just fine – there are no tantrums, grievances and problems. After a while, the first alarming “calls” appear – everyday problems, financial situation and desires of partners. Then many couples simply move away from each other, become isolated in themselves. The most impatient – file for divorce.

What to do?

Learn to listen and listen to your partner’s wishes, always discuss controversial issues. As for the financial side, try to live according to your abilities. If today there is no money for a new dress or phone, do not worry! Today is not, and tomorrow will be. It’s better to wait for the right moment, but your nerves and feelings will be saved.

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