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Dress code errors that interfere with your career.

Choose your wardrobe carefully.

  • Also, you should not stand out among female employees by wearing polka dot tights. And let it seem to you that no one will notice them. But believe me, this is not so! They’ll immediately become the gossip reason . You can be accused of a complete lack of taste, or attribute to the desire to permanently stand out from the crowd by any means.
  • Don’t try to seem overly sexy . Especially in the women’s team this will not be appreciated. Gossip will begin, which may reach the head. And he, in turn, will think that you are not here to work, but to arrange your personal life, or that you generally sit and do nothing. As a result, you don’t see a raise like your ears.
  • Therefore, pay attention to the length of the skirt . No need to take a little shorter. If you have no purpose to seduce someone from employees, then why all this? Then walk in the most optimal length. But if you want to quickly seduce the boss, so show off your slender legs more often!

  • The neckline is also worth understanding , because its depth is rarely spelled out in the dress code, which unties the women’s hands and threatens their male colleagues with strabismus.
  • When working in an office, you should pay attention to decorations . No need to decorate yourself with different butterflies, all possible sparkles and so on. Of course, jewelry will immediately catch your eye, because they will stand out against the background of a business suit, so choose a neat option, not catchy . Forget about grandma’s big stones and all kinds of freckles. When choosing jewelry, be minimalist. Do not cling to everything that is in the box.

A smart woman always knows what suits her and will not wear anything just in case.

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