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Eating at bedtime is normal!

As soon as a person thinks about what to do, start losing weight, because spring is just around the corner, and there is summer vacation, the sea, the beach, you will probably hear from friends advice not to eat after 6 pm </ strong >. Where did this magic number 6 come from, after which you can’t eat like that? Here is an interesting question!

In fact, everything is very simple, once there was an article that a person who wants to lose weight is not advised to eat 4 hours before bedtime . It was assumed that you need to go to bed at about 10. Hence it went that after 6 pm, not a crumb in your mouth.

But, Does this rule apply to everyone? And is it so categorical? The answer is of course not. To eat before bedtime is quite normal, but not all foods should be abused. Indeed, much depends on the digestion of a person. When we sleep, it slows down and everything eaten late at night will surely turn into fat at night, pretending to be energy reserves.

Therefore, you should understand what you can eat at night , and from which you should limit yourself. After all, no one wants to have extra pounds on the scales. And then go on a diet altogether to lose those pounds of pain.

Of course, you should control yourself and watch your diet. Because it is important not only not to overeat, but also to receive all the necessary vitamins and minerals that come with food. The lack of one or another element can lead to digestion, to sleep disturbance and appear on the general condition of a person.

So, let’s figure it out, whether you can eat at night or not.

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