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How not to gain excess weight in the winter?

Winter is a time when people try to spend less time outdoors, which significantly reduces physical activity. A decrease in activity leads to rapid weight gain. How not to gain excess weight in the winter, read on.

What to eat in winter so as not to gain weight?

In the cold season, your diet should be composed of foods containing nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Food should be nutritious and balanced . At the same time, try not to eat a lot of fat, both plant and animal origin.

Include in your winter menu non-fat dairy products that contain trace elements necessary for burning fat: calcium, magnesium, phosphorus. Of the suppliers of vitamins, optimal ones are “native” vegetables and fruits that grow in your region and are well stored in the winter without losing their useful qualities: pumpkin, beets, onions, carrots, cabbage of all sorts, potatoes, broccoli apples etc. Prefer bread products from wholemeal flour – it is healthier and less high-calorie. Instead of a bun, it’s better to eat a serving of porridge.

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