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How to care for dry skin?

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First of all, nutrition and strengthening of the hydrolipidic barrier. The sebaceous glands of dry skin work inactive (and with age their activity slows down even more), respectively, lack of lipids of your own of the skin must be constantly replenished with creams.

If in hot weather the owners of all other skin types feel most comfortable using gel texture cosmetics, then dry skin even in the hot season, cream ones are usually more suitable, in extreme cases, gel cream products .

cosmetics with a high content of vegetable oils, lipids (primarily ceramides, phospholipids, triglycerides), nicotinamide (aka nicotinic acid, or Vitamin B3 </ strong>) and other components that stimulate the skin protein synthesis and its own ceramides – a kind of cementing substances that ensure the strength of its stratum corneum. And it is very thin in dry skin.

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