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How to choose the right bra size?

It is very difficult to find the perfect fit of the bra. Most women will agree that choosing the right size in a bra is more difficult than in any other piece of clothing. In fact, studies show that 75% of women wear the wrong size bra. To deal with this, we have prepared for you the rules for selecting a bra for each woman.

Choosing a bra size.

Wear a comfortable, well-fitting, unlined bra.

To find your bra size, choose one in which you will feel most comfortable – it should be tight, but not crash into the sides. Your chest should be roughly centered between your elbow and shoulder. If it is lower, drag the harness to lift it. This will help you choose the right size and find a comfortable bra for you.

Find your group size.

Standing in front of the mirror, use a soft tape meter to measure the ribs directly under the chest. This is where the bra wraps around your torso. Pull the tape tight. Record this measurement.

Use a mirror to ensure that the tape is exactly parallel to the floor. If the measuring tape is not in a straight line around your body and at an angle, you will not get an accurate measurement. It is important not to pull the tape around the body too much. Just make sure it compresses your body tightly.

The sizes of the bands are measured in even numbers so, if your measurement was odd, you can try increasing the measurements by one size or decreasing by one size (if you measured 89 cm, try a bra in sizes 34 and 36).

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