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How to choose a camera: Tips from professionals

Buy a DSLR if you are a serious amateur or professional.

Digital SLR cameras or digital single-lens cameras are the models that professional photographers dream of. SLR cameras consist of a housing and removable lenses. This type of camera takes very high quality pictures that can be enlarged to huge sizes. However, they are not cheap: a good digital SLR camera can cost about $500, and professional-quality models can cost more than $1,200. If you decide to seriously engage in the art of photography, then your choice should focus on these models.

Buy a point-and-shoot camera if you need a cheap camera.

Such cameras require very little effort on the part of the photographer. They usually focus and adapt to lighting conditions. But, as professionals say, the problem with the point-and-shoot camera is that, if you want to capture fast-moving children or pets, the shutter lag during shooting will make this impossible. This type of camera also has an advantage: it is small and fits easily in a small backpack or purse, or it can even fit in your pocket.

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