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How to choose a laptop for active city life?


Component parts of a laptop, such as a processor, a hard drive, RAM and a graphics chip can confuse you in your choice, because not many are well versed in this. If you need a laptop for a small volume of robots, a budget laptop will be enough for you. They cost about $ 250 to $ 400. For the money, you get a good processor from AMD or a simple Pentium of class N or L. If you plan to work more globally, for example with images or with a large volume, choose a laptop with a discrete graphics card. Also a must-have thing in a modern laptop is the presence of an SSD drive. This drive allows you to instantly turn on your laptop and quickly transfer files from flash drives.

Powerful battery.

It is very important that the battery holds a charge for a long time, because it may not always be possible to find a socket for recharging a laptop, and if you are a very active person and work in more than one place, the battery power is all the more important. Now manufacturers are writing in the characteristics of battery life. It’s good that such a time should be at least eight hours, because in reality, when you start working on a laptop, this time will be even less. It is important to remember that the more powerful the battery, the heavier it will be, so consider not only its volume but also the charging time of such a battery.

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