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How to choose a laptop for active city life?


A poor display can spoil the first impression and the joy of buying even a device that is excellent in other characteristics. Therefore, thoroughly test your laptop screen to see if your eyes get tired or if the picture remains visible in sunlight. A good laptop with a quality display will have an IPS matrix. It is she who guarantees excellent image quality, the picture remains visible at different angles. An additional feature is screen resolution. But it’s important to remember that the higher the resolution, the faster the battery runs down. On a diagonal of 13-15 inches, Full HD resolution is enough to prevent the image from appearing blurry.


There are many beautiful laptops on the market, but most of them are available only in white, black and silver colors. New on the Asus VivoBook market has colors such as blue and red. But design is not only appearance, but also usability. The VivoBook display is attached to the chassis using the ErgoLift hinge. When you open the lid, the laptop case rises slightly above the surface of the table, due to which it cools better, its speakers sound more clearly, and it becomes more convenient to type on the keyboard. Such a laptop is perfect for active city life, take a look at the new product.

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