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How to choose a lawyer?

Make sure the lawyer is sociable.

Lawyers receive payment for communication with their opponents and those who consider their cases. It is equally important to find a lawyer who can communicate effectively with you. You need a lawyer who anticipates your questions and will keep you updated on developments in your case, without the need for calls in the first place. A lawyer must be able to communicate in an organized and understandable way. When asked to make a decision or act, the lawyer must briefly explain the options available to you, the practical and legal advantages and disadvantages of various actions, and other issues relevant to your decision.

Consider the professionalism of a lawyer.

“Professionalism” is more than talent. Such a lawyer has certain objective actions and behavior that distinguish the best lawyers from those who are simply competent. Among other things, you should expect a “professional” lawyer:

  • works hard to protect your interests;
  • comes to meetings on time and well prepared;
  • will be respectful to everyone, regardless of their position, role or status;
  • follows all applicable laws and ethical canons;
  • behaves appropriately in all situations.

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