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How to choose and buy real estate?

Buying an apartment is always a risk . To reduce the percentage of failed transactions, you need to thoroughly study the real estate market. It doesn’t matter – secondary or new building. Do not be afraid to ask about the houses of the residents themselves, read reviews, study the ratings of developers. Your awareness will protect you from these failures and scams.

Recommendations on how to choose and buy real estate:

  1. Financial Opportunities.

When buying a property, don’t overestimate your financial capabilities. Most of the population uses a mortgage when buying apartments. But half of those who took the apartment on bail were without money and housing. Why? Yes, the thing is that the financial situation today is stable, and tomorrow you may be out of work. Always think ahead backup plan B. It is also worth calculating all the costs. How much can you give out per month for a loan? What will you have left for life ? How much money should be set aside in case of job loss, and before finding a new one? Experts recommend taking a mortgage loan if you have at least six reserve payments on real estate loans.

  1. Don’t postpone your purchase if you have money.

Buyers make a big mistake if they are waiting for some real estate stock. If you liked the apartment, then buy it. It is likely that someone will also like her. You should not wait for discounts , you are wasting your time. Typically, developers do not reduce the price, but rather raise it when there is demand.

  1. What should I ask sales managers?

No manager will tell you about the disadvantages of development. Always take the initiative and ask even the most uncomfortable questions . What is worth clarifying:

  • Will a kindergarten or school be built in the nearest circle? Otherwise, in the future you will not be able to attach your child to study.
  • How long will the neighboring houses be built? Nobody likes the constant noise.
  • How many construction phases are planned for your home? Otherwise, you can wait for arrival in your apartment for years.
  • Do you plan to build high-rise buildings near yours? You can then look like “window to window.”

Write all your questions in a notebook so you don’t forget something important.

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