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How to choose clothes if your parameters are more than 90-60-90?

Cancel layering.

A dress with draperies or layered skirts with asymmetries is not your option. Such clothes will only make the figure heavier and add extra pounds. These styles will make the figure ugly. Choose something more elegant and minimalist. For example, a dress with a pronounced waist or a dress with a smell, they stretch the silhouette and thereby make the figure graceful. Also dwell on a blouse with frills on the chest or on the cuffs. Such a thing will suit you perfectly.

Suitable length.

This type of figure is not always famous for long and slender legs, so you need to choose the right length of clothing. If this dress, then it should be below the knee. Also with a coat, you can not choose short styles, they will not sit nicely on such a figure. To determine the length of a shirt, sweatshirt or blouse, you need to retreat from the hips 5 cm up or 5 cm down – these will be the two most ideal lengths for you. The length of the skirt depends on the height of the heel on the shoe. The best option for curvaceous forms is a heel with a height of 5-9 cm and a skirt 5 cm long below the knee. You should not buy tutu skirts-packs, not a single length will suit you. But, if only the skirt consists of a lining and one layer of tulle of weak assembly, then you can try on an example.

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