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How to choose the perfect size for chain, lace, necklace, necklace?

Choice of chains, according to the appearance of the future mistress.

Such parameters as appearance, age and height play a significant role in the selection of the ideal size of any jewelry. I want the purchase to complement the image, look harmonious and attract the “envious” looks of others.

And so, how to make your choice , starting from the length:

  1. 35-40 cm – suitable for creative individuals and sophisticated ladies. This type of model perfectly emphasizes the slenderness of the neck. Plus, they can be worn without any addition (pendant, incense, etc.). Buy thin chains to make your look light and laid-back.
  2. 45-50 cm – do you like a deep neckline? Then pay attention to this length of the chain. As a rule, they should be worn with some kind of pendant. As a gift, it will suit every girl with any body complexion.
  3. 55-60 cm – for lovers of business style, just a cool solution. Perfectly complement the image if you put it on top of a blouse or other outfit. As for the build, it suits Plus Size girls.
  4. 70-90 cm – a bold solution for fashionistas. With the help of the product, emphasis is placed on the neckline. Complement the look with a pendant or shorter chains.
  5. 112-180 cm – the longest jewelry, is not very popular among fashionistas.

Features of product thickness.

The thickness of the chains plays a huge role, as accurately as the length. Proportions must be observed in everything:

  • Thickness 2-3 mm : can be any length, well emphasize the elegance of the lady.
  • Thickness 4-5 mm : the most ideal option, wear it with pendants and lockets.
  • Thickness is more than 7 mm : usually, these are short decorations that do not complement anything. They make the image harmonious and complete.

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