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How to choose women’s pants by the type of figure?

Perfectly fitting trousers are the basis of an impeccable image. You just need to find the right type of trousers to suit your figure, and you will be fashionably tuned for life. Because, as soon as you find these perfect trousers or jeans, then almost all the hard work will be done – just add a stylish top or blouse, and you will be ready for anything that will be thrown at you for the day.

Read on to find out what types of trousers or jeans are best for your body type.

Which pants are right for you?

Let’s see what types of female figures exist. There are the following types:

Type T – shoulders wider than hips.
Type H – your shoulder width is about the same as your hips, but you don’t have a specific waist.
Type A – your hips are wider than your shoulders, but you have a defined waist.
Type X – your shoulders and hips are balanced and you have a defined waist.
Type O – your tummy protrudes and is the widest feature on the upper body.

Pants for type “O».

O-type girls are characterized by lush breasts, a voluminous waist and slender legs. It is worth choosing clothes in such a way as to adjust the abdomen and balance the upper and lower parts of the body. Consider buying pants in the maternity department, as they will have less tissue on the hips and bottom, but will not hit the waist.

You can wear high-waisted styles, flared or straight-cut pants. Tall women fit wide pants that emphasize the length of the legs. Women of medium and short stature are recommended to choose narrow styles. In addition, models that are free from above and narrow from below are suitable for this type. Accessories, such as a wide belt of trousers and side zipper will be a beautiful finishing touch to the question of choosing trousers.

Forbidden: products with a low cut fit. They will make the wide waist more visible.

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