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How to cope with chronic fatigue?

Chronic fatigue negatively affects not only the physical, but also the psychological state. What is chronic fatigue syndrome and how to deal with it, read on.

What is chronic fatigue syndrome?

The main difference of chronic fatigue from overwork – after a long rest does not get better.

The main causes of chronic fatigue are stress, prolonged emotional and physical stress, hormonal imbalance , and weakened immunity , which can’t cope and periodically sends you to sick leave.

Symptoms of chronic fatigue:

  • headaches ,
  • weakness,
  • distraction ,
  • concern,
  • irritability ,
  • depressed mood ,
  • pains in the muscles and joints,
  • tremor.

And most importantly : the symptoms do not disappear even after a 12-hour sleep. In this case, you need to consult a doctor , as well as take steps towards yourself by reviewing the daily routine and approach to nutrition.

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