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How to determine your hair type?

In order to properly care for your hair, you need to know what type they are. Read more about the features and basic types of hair.

Normal hair.

Unfortunately, this type of hair today can be classified as one of the most rarest : normal hair is found only in almost healthy people, but in modern conditions they are not easy to find.

Normal hair is strong and elastic, has beautiful natural shine and reflects light well. Normal hair retains its qualities for several days after shampooing .

Dry hair.

Dry hair is characterized by a lack of moisture and a small amount of sebum on the scalp, which leads to the appearance of their characteristic appearance: dry hair dull, brittle , do not comb well, cut off on ends.

Interestingly, naturally dry hair is not a common occurrence. Today dry hair provokes not at all reduced activity of the sebaceous glands of the scalp, but improper care for hair: frequent use of a hot hair dryer, frequent dyeing of hair with hair dyes high concentration of hydrogen peroxide (12% or more), combing hair with metal combs or wooden combs with burrs.

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