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How to eat “people-owl”?

Owl biorhythms differ significantly from the daily routines of larks, which affects not only the daily routine, but also the diet. How biorhythms affect nutrition, and which foods to choose, read on.

How does your sleep pattern affect your eating habits?

Unsurprisingly, night owls tend to consume more calories late in the evening. A night owl, for example, usually eats about 20% of its calories after 8 in the evening. This diet is associated with an increased risk of obesity and heart disease.

In addition, nocturnal owls tend to prefer less healthy foods than early birds. Scientists recently conducted a study , took about 2,000 healthy adults aged 24 to 74 years, they sorted owls and early birds, and then compared their diets .

Interestingly, both groups ate almost exactly as many calories as a whole, although owls consumed their calories at night later. However, nightly owls ate less protein and consumed more sugar , fat, and alcohol.

Choosing foods that have more fat and sugar can also be an attempt by the body to compensate for diurnal syndrome or the simplicity of fatigue. For example, nocturnal owls may have more lower levels of serotonin . A low level of serotonin can cause cravings for carbohydrate foods.

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