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How to enlarge lips without injections?

Face-building, simulators for lip augmentation, various dubious procedures and exercises – what a woman comes up with to enlarge her lips without resorting to the services of a cosmetologist is a marvel.

Women’s forums are full of a variety of folk remedies and tips on the proportions of red pepper and mint to be mixed. And reviews of irritation and allergies that overtake hesitant popular advice.

There are people who try to enlarge their lips with a vacuum cleaner, surprisingly. It is difficult to imagine the result, after such manipulations! But, nevertheless, in addition to such a daring adventures, in the beauty industry, there are still ways to increase the lips without injections. And, today, we are happy to tell you about them.

There are four adequate ways to increase lip size:

  • Lip augmentation by applying cosmetics.
  • Lip augmentation with massages.
  • Use a pump or vacuum massager to enlarge your lips.
  • Special lipsticks – plampera – for lip augmentation.
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Let’s consider each of them in more detail.

If you want to enlarge the lips, but do not want serious changes – there is a solution. One just has to go a little beyond the natural limits of the lips with a pencil.

To begin, smooth the surface of the lips with a scrub. In fact, you need to make it a rule to always scrub your lips before covering them with lipstick or gloss.

When finished, highlight your lips! To start, paint the surface with a neutral color. This will help you to understand if you have gone too far with the increased borders. Create a clear outline by using a lip liner.

The pencil should be well sharpened. Choose pencils of good durability and sufficient softness so that you can blend the lines and continue with your makeup.

When the lips are ready – you can start applying lipstick. Apply lipstick only with a brush so you can make up your lips as evenly as possible, in other words – you will not marry a new contour drawn with a pencil.

Be attentive to the details! To make your lip augmentation go unnoticed and as natural as possible – add volume evenly: on the lower and upper lip.

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