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How to get rid of black spots on the face?

Why do black dots appear?

Hormonal disruptions. In puberty, at the beginning of menstruation, pregnancy, as well as menopause, skin problems can occur, just in the work of hormones.

Poor skin cleansing. After a working day, you didn’t wash your face upon coming home? Wait for pore contamination. A lot of dust accumulates on the face during the day and all of it will remain on it, while clogging the pores. In addition, women use cosmetics, which also clogs their face.

Permanent, too strong cleansing of the skin. Imagine this is also harmful. Harsh washing with various means, we can kill the protective upper layers of the skin and become more vulnerable. It is worth remembering this.

Too much skin scrubbing. Frequent use of peelings will repeat the effect described above. Use in moderation – the main rule for face and body care. Plus, from a rough scrub, there may be mechanical damage.

Frequent skin contact. Do not to touch your face with dirty hands. For scratching, try using clean wipes, remembering that there are a lot of bacteria on dirty hands.

Of course, smoking. Nicotine has a very bad effect on the skin. It makes the skin dull and quickly fade.

Try to eat healthy foods. Of course: less fried, fatty, spicy and salty. Sweet also does not bring much benefit.

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