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How to get rid of snoring?

Snoring is an unpleasant thing that many people may not even suspect themselves of. There are many reasons for snoring, some of which may indicate health problems, so if a problem is found, it should not be ignored. What are the most common causes for snoring and how to deal with this unpleasant phenomenon? Continue reading our article to find out.

Why do people snore, and what happens at this time with their body?

Snoring is more common in men, overweight people and smokers. During sleep, the muscles of the tongue and soft palate relax, preventing breathing – this causes snoring.

Enlarged adenoids, curvature of the nasal septum and tonsils, which also cause snoring, can also make breathing difficult during sleep, especially in children. Snoring can occur in the presence of polyps in the nose, after injuries, and in the case of malocclusion.

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