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How to get rid of stretch marks on the chest at home?

All women know how difficult it is to get rid of stretch marks on the chest. This is a very long process, but real. In this article, we’ll tell you secrets that will help get rid of breast stretch marks at home forever.

What do stretch marks look like on my chest?

Stretch marks (striae) are streaks that occur when stretching the skin . This is a very normal occurrence. Almost everyone has stretch marks. Stretch marks usually appear on the chest, as well as on other parts of the body.

Stretch marks often have pinkish , purple or red when they first form. Over time, they usually fade or become whiter.

Stretch marks are classified by how long you have and their cause. These types include:

  • atrophic striae are the most popular stretch marks among women. They arise from a deficiency of collagen and elastin in the skin.
  • teenage striae – they occur during puberty. Most often, these are slightly white lines on the skin.
  • striae gravidarium – stretch marks after or during pregnancy.

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