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How to increase immunity: 5 life hacks for the winter without colds

With the advent of the autumn-winter period, many begin to think about how to increase immunity . After all, the fear of the disease arises with each coming cold weather. But for a start, it would not hurt to figure out what immunity is in general and how to work with it?

Definition of immunity.

Immunity – immunity, resistance of the body to infectious agents and foreign substances that cause the destruction of its cells and tissues. If immunity is turned off, for example, for several days, then the person will die. Will be eaten by germs immediately. Without immunity, like without kidneys, the body will live only a few days .

There are 2 types of immunity – in born and acquired . The first attacks all at once, not particularly understanding. That is why we immediately feel all the symptoms of SARS that make us feel so sick. The second is more complex. It focuses on specific bacteria and viruses that the body has already encountered, and fights them more effectively than the congenital one.

If contact with the enemy occurs for the first time, then the cells of the immune system are already “sharpened” and, upon further meeting, respond more quickly and efficiently to it.

In order to increase acquired immunity , vaccination should be done, there is no other way.

But to balance and strengthen innate immunity , you can resort to other methods.

If you get sick 2-3 times a year, then this phenomenon is quite normal. You can’t help but be sick at all . But when this arrangement of affairs does not suit you, you can contact the therapist, or immediately to the immunologist. You, of course, ask why you can not go straight to a specialist? And it’s simple, because very often you have no problems with the immune system, and it will be enough just to change your lifestyle a little and you will become sick much less. For example, smokers should smoke less, and if there is a problem with the gastrointestinal tract, they should also be examined and this will significantly reduce the number of diseases.

Sometimes the reason for a decrease in immunity is a person’s poor nutrition, increased stress, or the reverse side – lack of exercise, sleep deprivation, excessive alcohol consumption and poor ecology.

Very often, for a situation to change for the better, it’s enough to pay attention to these reasons . If this does not seem enough to you, then you can resort to other methods of boosting the immune system.

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