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How to lose weight without diets?

Diets are a difficult test for the body and the psyche, in addition, many of them cause significant harm to health, and not everyone can maintain weight after losing weight. What to do and what habits you should get rid of in order to lose weight without diets, read on.

Why are we gaining weight?

  • More often than not, we get fat because we exceed the necessary us calories per day. For each person, this figure is individual: taking into account height, age, weight, physical activity. According to statistics for a girl of 30 years, an average of about 2000-2200 kcal per day is required. If you consume less calories than you spend, you will definitely lose weight .
  • We don’t know how to properly distribute proteins, fats and carbohydrates throughout the day. Due to the fact that we don’t know which dish is better to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner, it seems to us that it’s easier to go on a diet.
  • We choose the wrong products that we follow. The calorific value of the semi-finished product indicated on the package can be greatly underestimated. It’s better to buy food with minimal processing (for example, not minced meat, but meat) and cook it yourself.

It’s important to understand that losing weight and getting rid of excess fat are two different things. When we are on a diet, we lose mainly muscle, water and get a thin, but flabby body: it makes it so subcutaneous fat. When we lose weight as a result of proper nutrition , the body begins to lose its strategic reserves, since there is no threat of hunger. If at the same time we connect the physical exercise , we get a slender, toned body, elastic belly and beautiful buttocks.

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