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How to make a healthy sandwich?

A sandwich is a popular snack both at home and at work. But not all sandwiches are equally useful. How to make a healthy and tasty sandwich read on.

4 secrets to help you make the right sandwich.

  1. Bread. The base of the sandwich should be exclusively whole grain bread. Whole grains are slowly digested and provides the body with fiber.
  2. Protein. Lean meats are a good choice for a sandwich. Options: thinly sliced ​​fried chicken breast, fish fillet baked in foil, shrimp, crab. If you prefer a vegetarian sandwich, try including eggs, hummus, baked falafel, soy vegetarian burgers, or low-fat cheese in your recipe.
  3. Vegetables. What should be a lot in a sandwich is vegetables and greens. Most raw vegetables have a very low calorie content, fats and carbohydrates.
  4. Sauce. Sauces are the most high-calorie part of the sandwich. Replace good old mayonnaise with different types of mustard or barbecue sauce.  Avoid Butter.

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