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How to quickly lower cholesterol?

Cholesterol, if its level does not exceed acceptable standards, is necessary for the body. What are the benefits of cholesterol and how to lower its level, read on.

What is cholesterol?

In fact, cholesterol is not an enemy at all. This waxy substance is contained in every cell of the body and performs many important functions:

  1. It is the main raw material for the production of bile acids, with the help of which digested food-derived fats are broken down in the intestines.
  2. Participates in hormone production , including testosterone and estrogen.
  3. Plays an important role in the synthesis of vitamin D .
  4. Strengthens cell walls , including neurons in the brain.

In general, there is no cholesterol – no health , and no life either. Another question is that sometimes cholesterol can turn to the dark side to health. And it’s not my fault.

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