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How to recover in a short time?

Frequent overwork leads to a depressed mood and causes stress. Read about how to quickly recover strength.


If you feel tired, then go for a walk . Even 20-30 minutes in the fresh air will give you a boost of strength . And if you have more time – then go to an unfamiliar area of ​​the city and just look around. Pay attention to unusual things, mark beautiful buildings and interesting passers-by. This will help you get distracted and energized .

Get on an energy diet.

For energy rehabilitation , you must exclude meat, flour, and sugar. Instead, include seasonal sun-rich fruits, nuts , and dairy products in your daily diet. In principle, this is how you can eat all the time, and not from time to time, only during the “energy holes” – it is especially important not to pollute the body with excess food.

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