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How to recover in a short time?

A few more tricks.

1. Drink plenty of water . The body consumes water during sleep , so it’s important that there is enough water.
2. Shower before bedtime . It is necessary to make water at about 23 ° C. The body cools during sleep, and here we will do it in advance. If the water is too cold , then there will be a adrenaline rush , but we don’t need this before bedtime.
3. A lot of light . To wake up quickly , you need more bright light, preferably sunlight. In the light melatonin is destroyed and you don’t feel like sleeping at all.
4. Pillow . An orthopedic pillow greatly improves sleep quality . Useful for neck, back and blood flow. Ask a specialist to find a suitable orthopedic pillow for you.

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