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How to reduce the harm of coffee?

Many people like coffee for its invigorating properties, but this drink can also harm the body. How to reduce the adverse effects of coffee on the body, read on.

Coffee supplements to reduce harm.

Cardamom . Not only gives the drink an unusual smell, but also taste. Cardamom can be used absolutely any , regardless of its type. This spice helps strengthen the stomach and in this case, the benefits are more than relevant, because coffee primarily affects the health of the stomach. In addition, cardamom calms perfectly , which is why they should not be abused.

Cinnamon . After adding cinnamon, the coffee becomes sweeter, respectively, becoming less noticeable bitter aftertaste . Cinnamon not only positively affects the health of the body, but also slows down the oxidation process , which occurs during the brewing of coffee. This spice can be added immediately to ground beans, or during brewing, or in ready-made coffee. You can use either powder or cinnamon sticks .

Pepper . It’s worth using black pepper , which will only emphasize the existing bitterness. This seasoning stimulates the metabolism and removes toxins from the body. You can use ground pepper as well as peas in the form of peas , the second option is the most preferred. Add no more than three peas to the prepared drink.

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