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How to remove excess fluid from the body?

Under certain conditions, fluid accumulates in the body, which provokes the appearance of edema. Where does the excess fluid come from and how to properly remove it, read on.

Excess fluid in the body: where does it come from and how is it excreted?

The body needs fluid, but often there is excess fluid , which provokes swelling of various parts of the body, weight gain and other unpleasant consequences, to get rid of which, like it turns out not so difficult.

Excess fluid in the body is a reason to think that something is wrong in the current lifestyle, something is wrong. It does not accumulate just like that, for no reason. This is facilitated by the many unfavorable factors that we create for ourselves. To find out what’s wrong, you should review your diet , habits, and try to fix it so that not aggravate so it’s not a good situation.

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