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How to set yourself up for work after rest?

After a vacation, many people need another vacation, and this statement is partly true. In order to tune into the working mood after a vacation, you must gradually enter the rhythm. There are several simple recommendations in order to set yourself up for work, and they will be discussed.

Why is it hard for people to shift from leisure to work?

Our world is designed in such a way that every able-bodied person must work to provide for himself and his family. People are not always happy to go to work, and wait for a long-awaited vacation for a year. During this short period of time, they rest, but when the vacation comes to an end, the mood deteriorates, everything starts to annoy them, and do not want to think about work at all.

According to statistics, 80% of the working-age population of Russia falls into the so-called post-release depression. If, when you go to work, you feel sadness, fatigue, apathy, lethargy, headaches, anger and nervousness, then most likely you are among the vast majority of people who find it difficult to cope with themselves and their feelings. This can happen for a variety of reasons.

For example: you do not like your work, you are not satisfied with the team, environment or superiors, you are a melancholic or phlegmatic person who finds it very difficult to adapt to any changes, your vacation was very active and, when you go to work, you are afraid of monotony; your vacation was too passive and it’s hard for you to “gather your will into a fist” and take up job, duties, etc. Regardless of what caused the lack of desire to go to work, we will tell you what to do to minimize discomfort and internalize the discomfort.

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