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How to slow down skin aging after 30

With age, the body’s resources are depleted, the first changes are most noticeably reflected on the skin of the face. We should not wait for their appearance. With proper care, the aging process can be slowed down. It is with regular care and lifestyle correction that will help maintain youthful skin after 30 years.

Signs of skin aging.

The external manifestations of skin aging are individual for each person. Basically, the process depends on genetic characteristics, the presence of diseases, skin type and the thoroughness of previous care. It is believed that the first signs of aging are the appearance of small facial wrinkles, but there are other signs that you should be aware of.

Even before the appearance of wrinkles, the elasticity potential of the skin can be depleted and the protective barrier weakened, which will cause the appearance of wrinkles.

Genetically determined aging is also manifested by a decrease in elasticity, a gradual thinning of the skin, and a slowdown in its regeneration rate. All this leads to the appearance of various adverse factors that exacerbate the aging process.

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